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Diagnostic Services

We would hate to improvise at PEEL, therefore we sought an expert advise from Dr Volodia Volodik in developing the protocol specific in testing for Lyme Disease. Dr Volodik is a medical doctor himself and is a specialist in VEGA-TEST as well as a lecturer at ENSO Electronics in Warsaw. His knowledge on the subject is of Lyme and bioresonance is boundless. With his help we are confident we can provide the best diagnostic services in the UK.

The PEEL protocol for Lyme disease test will include other than the check for Lyme multiple checks for other co-infections and other nasty parasites that may be affecting your health.

You need to remember this again - any additional pathogens present but which have not been discovered, may be as lethal as Lyme Disease - e.g. tape worm, toxic mould and other parasites.

Other than having to complete your Lyme test we will also taylor exact frequencies required for your therapy. This will most certainly speed up your recovery. We will tell you more about it during your visit and how it exactly works. This is something which very few bioresonance businesses is capable to undertake. We strive to be unique and stay ahead of the rest of the field.

We will make every attempt to complete the test on children, but cannot guarantee the success. The person being tested is required to remain still and sit on its own which is often difficult to execute from children. Please advise during your enquiry or booking, the age of a child and anything else that may prevent disappointment.



  1. By children we mean all those under the age of 12.
  2. All checks made for the pathogens listed above are done at D6 level (please refer to your Vega-Test Report for explanation) with the exception of Borrelia and Oncovirus which would be checked at all levels - D6, D10, D12, D15, D26, D30.
  3. BRT Frequency Verification Services are only completed for those purchasing BRT Equipment from PEEL.
  4. We reserve the rights to take up to 50% of service payment during your phone booking. We will make the full refund of your deposit if you let us know of the cancellation or a change of your booking at least 48 hours in advance - please see Terms and Conditions of Services.


Full VEGA-SCAN for Lyme Disease and Co-infections excluding Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) Frequency Verification

Approximate Time up to 2.5 hours.

Price - £200

Full VEGA-SCAN will include checks for the following:

  1. Lyme Disease and Co-infections:
    • Anaplasma Marginale
    • Arbovirus
    • Borellia - various strains
    • Babesia
    • Bartonella
    • Brucellosis
    • Ehrlichia
    • Flavivirus
    • Rickettsia
    • Tularensis
  2. Toxic Moulds:
    • Blastomycosis
    • Cryptococcus
    • Histoplasma
    • Paracoccidioides Brasiliensis
  3. Parasites:
    • Protozoa - All
    • Flukes - All
    • Tapeworms - All
    • Nematodes - All
  4. Bacteria:
    • Bacillus Calmette
    • Bortdella
    • Brucella
    • Chlamydia Trachomatis
    • Chlamydia Pneumoniae
    • Clostridium
    • Echsherichia Coli
    • Enterococcus
    • Gardnerella
    • Helicobacter Pylori
    • Histomonas Meleagridis
    • Klebsiella
    • Mycoplasma
    • Neisseria Gonorrhoeae
    • Plasmodium
    • Pneumococcus
    • Proteus
    • Pseudomonas
    • Salmonella
    • Shigella Dysenteriae
    • Streptococcus
    • Staphylococcus
    • Treponema Pallidum
    • Trichomoniasis Fecalis
    • Ureaplasma
    • Yersinia
  5. Fungi:
    • Actinomycete
    • Alternaria
    • Aspergillus
    • Candida - various
    • Epidermophyton
    • Geotrichum
    • Malassezia
    • Microsporum
    • Micosis Iris
    • Nocardia Asteroides
    • Penicillium
    • Sporotrichum
    • Stachybotrys
    • Trichophyton
    • Trichosporon
  6. Viruses:
    • Adenvirus
    • Coxsackie Virus
    • Coronavirus
    • Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
    • Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)
    • Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E
    • Herpes Simplex (HSV)
    • Herpes Type VI
    • HIV
    • Infectobesity Virus- Adenovirus Type 36
    • Oncovirus
    • Papilloma Virus
    • Respiratory Syncytial Virus
    • Retrovirus
    • Herpes Zoster
    • Rhinovirus
    • Rotavirus
    • Rubella Virus
  7. Analysis of your:
    • Lymphatic System
    • Immune System
    • Endocrine System
  8. Oncology Checks
  9. Toxic Metals:
    • Lead
    • Mercury


Bioresonance Therapy Frequency Verification and Therapy Proposal

Approximate Time up to 1.5 hours if completed on a separate visit.

Price - £150

Verification of Rife and HC frequencies is a must in a process to avoid unnecessary delay in your health improvement. At PEEL we like to conduct as many checks as possible before recommending your therapy frequencies. Wasting time on application of frequencies that may not work can delay the process of your health improvement.


Combination of A and B

Approximate Time up to 3 hours.

Price - £300



Children (up to the age of 12) - VEGA-SCAN for Lyme Disease and Co-infections excluding Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) Frequency Verification

Approximate Time up to 1.5 hour.

Price - £150

The VEGA-SCAN will include checks for the following:

  1. Lyme Disease and Co-infections (see section A / Point 1 for full details)
  2. Check for the present of Parasite(s) (see section A / Point 3 for full details)


Combination of D and B

Approximate Time up to 2 hours.

Price - £200



Follow Up Visit

Approximate Time for Adults up to 2 hours. Price between - £120 - £200

Approximate Time for Children up to 1.5 hours. Price between - £90 - £150

The Follow Up visit will include VEGA-TEST check for the presence of previously identified pathogens and confirmation of recovery process.

This visit would also include verification of improvement to the levels of your Immune, Endocrine and Lymphatic Systems (see section A / Point 7 for full details)


We also offer to come and visit you in person (in cases where your condition is too severe or you may have no means of transport).

Because every trip out of Norfolk would be different please call to discuss other arrangements we may have to make - e.g. hotel, etc.

In some circumstances we may be able to arrange a visit to more than one client.

We would confirm in writing the cost of the services and we would seek your approval before asking for upfront payment.

Did you know?

VEGA-TEST and Volla Methods have been successfully used in conventional medicine in Russia, Germany and other countries for decades.

ELISA test - the blood test for detection of Lyme Disease is probably as accurate as 30-40% (in our opinion and other internet sources). The truth is - nobody really knows how accurate this test really is.

Majority of GPs and neurologist think that if your ELISA test results come negative you do not have Lyme Disease. Hence you have to be labelled with another medical condition.

To have your ELISA test commissioned by your GP you need to remember to be bitten by a tick - NHS Guidelines. The problem is - majority of Lyme patients do not remember being bitten by a tick. Another half of those who remember will never go on to developing the rash or a bulls eye confirming infection with Lyme Disease.

If you are a host to a parasite your chances of full recovery from Lyme Disease are highly diminished. In order to increase your chances of recovery the start of the treatment for Lyme Disease must therefore begin from "deactivation" of your hidden friend. The reason - toxins released by parasites are so overwhelming for your body making your immune system already working too hard to cope with the fight against Lyme. The parasite will also work as a host and protector for the pathogens while you may be having a treatment with antibiotics. Once the medication wears out the pathogens are free to start their harvest again turning your body into a wreck.

Majority of human are hosts to some form of a parasite. Possibly more than one. The truth is - the likes of a tapeworm or a fluke will work as a mothership in protecting the pathogen(s) during your antibiotic treatment. Only VEGA-TEST is capable to screen your body for parasites and identify them in a short space of time. Imagine using conventional methods...

There is a growing scientific evidence that Alzheimer Disease could be triggered by various pathogens, in particular: Chlamydia Pneumonia, Herpes Virus and a Spirochete. Yes - the Spirochete is basically Borrelia /Lyme Disease!