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Treatment with Bioresonance

The principle of the treatment with bioresonance is the same as the diagnostics. You will be prescribed a number of programs with various frequencies to 'zap' and kill the germs inside your body. You will also complete a number of supporting frequencies to assist with your body detox, the drainage of your lymphatic system and a zap to boost up your immune system. Several other programs may be required, depending on the number of co-infections that may be assisting your Lyme in thriving.

The number of programs and their intensity will depend on the advancement of your Lyme condition. The duration of your therapy will be no different to any other treatment, including antibiotics. A great thing about bioresonance is that it has no side effects and that it works against all co-infections.

The level, or intensity, of the zaps is pre-set on a Rife machine and is based on the lengthy observations of so called "Mortal Oscillating Rate (MOR)" required to basically detonate the microbe. The MOR is safe for your body and it targets only the nasty cells or microbes as described above. So, by intensifying the strength of the current or electromagnetic field, we simply kill the unwanted guests in your body.

For both the diagnostic and for the treatment of Lyme and other conditions, we use state-of-the-art technology developed and supplied by ENSO Electronics, which come with CE marks of safety certification. None of the equipment is classified by NHS as medical equipment.

Unfortunately, we do not run in-house therapies due to the length, intensity and number of programs/zaps that may be required.

Sadly and regrettably, we cannot perform diagnostics with bioresonance on patients with heart pacemakers. You must also tell us whether you have or might have one of the following:

  • malignant and benign cancers
  • epilepsy
  • pregnancy
  • acute coronary syndromes and acute cerebral blood flow disorders
  • bleeding disorders
  • personal hypersensitivity to the influence of electromagnetic effect
  • injured skin and skin diseases where skin touches the electrodes
  • acute psychic agitation or inebriation

Other than the above conditions, the diagnosis and treatment with bioresonance is perfectly safe. However, any 'Herxheimer' effects can be so harsh, you are strongly advised to approach your GP, telling him or her that you will be commencing an alternative treatment. He or she will be made aware that any emergency calls from you should be dealt with promptly or you should, without any delay, attend the nearest A&E.

The Herxheimer reactions will obviously depend on your infection levels and on a number of other factors - like diet, detox methods, the amount of zaps and your overall condition.

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Did you know?

VEGA-TEST and Volla Methods have been successfully used in conventional medicine in Russia, Germany and other countries for decades.

ELISA test - the blood test for detection of Lyme Disease is probably as accurate as 30-40% (in our opinion and other internet sources). The truth is - nobody really knows how accurate this test really is.

Majority of GPs and neurologist think that if your ELISA test results come negative you do not have Lyme Disease. Hence you have to be labelled with another medical condition.

To have your ELISA test commissioned by your GP you need to remember to be bitten by a tick - NHS Guidelines. The problem is - majority of Lyme patients do not remember being bitten by a tick. Another half of those who remember will never go on to developing the rash or a bulls eye confirming infection with Lyme Disease.

If you are a host to a parasite your chances of full recovery from Lyme Disease are highly diminished. In order to increase your chances of recovery the start of the treatment for Lyme Disease must therefore begin from "deactivation" of your hidden friend. The reason - toxins released by parasites are so overwhelming for your body making your immune system already working too hard to cope with the fight against Lyme. The parasite will also work as a host and protector for the pathogens while you may be having a treatment with antibiotics. Once the medication wears out the pathogens are free to start their harvest again turning your body into a wreck.

Majority of human are hosts to some form of a parasite. Possibly more than one. The truth is - the likes of a tapeworm or a fluke will work as a mothership in protecting the pathogen(s) during your antibiotic treatment. Only VEGA-TEST is capable to screen your body for parasites and identify them in a short space of time. Imagine using conventional methods...

There is a growing scientific evidence that Alzheimer Disease could be triggered by various pathogens, in particular: Chlamydia Pneumonia, Herpes Virus and a Spirochete. Yes - the Spirochete is basically Borrelia /Lyme Disease!