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Herxheimer Reaction

Your odds of not experiencing the Herxheimer reaction are very slim so please read this chapter very, very carefully.

The term Hexheimer (reaction) is a common phrase in literature and is used to describe the increase or intensification in the symptoms of the condition being treated, in this case Borellia. You will find out that, as a result of the treatment, whatever it is, your body will undergo a temporary increase of inflammation.

In brief, the substances, called exotoxins and endotoxins, are toxins created by microorganisms and are carried in their outer cell membrane. These toxins get released into the surrounding environment during the following processes:

  • During their cell growth or during infection activity;
  • During breakdown, disruption or destruction;
  • When bacterial cells get engulfed by immune system cells (called phagocytes.)

The borellia bacteria carries huge amounts of such toxins, hence the body reaction to the die-off process can be extreme.

The Herxheimer reaction can manifest itself in the following ways:

  • Sweating and/or Fever - it is your body's natural reaction as a result of inflammatory process. Raised temperature means that your body is fighting a battle, as with any other infection you have had an encounter with in the past. Your skin, as your largest eliminative organ, will want to sweat all the toxins out of its systems.
  • Headaches - an increase in toxicity of your organism makes your head ache, leading you to cease all activities and lie still until the crisis is nearly over. In such a way you, will preserve the energy required to go through the crisis. Your energy levels during your recovery will be very low, so do not try to run a marathon or drive your car long distance. Even short trips should be avoided.
  • Joint and Muscle Ache (Fibromyalgia Symptoms) - the toxins of dying bacteria will end up circulating through your entire body, which will make them very acidic and inflamed.
  • Nausea / Diarrhea / Flu-like Symptoms - the level of toxins in your body will shoot up very high when you start the treatment and it is a natural reaction of your body to flush them out on an urgent basis, as a liquid. If your body stops coping with toxin release in a conventional way, the rapid and violent reaction will occur through vomiting and diarrhea. Some advice - do not try and hold the vomiting back. Once you have finished vomiting, you will start feeling much better but, be aware, the process may take several hours and will be very painful.
  • Sore body organs - the Lyme can and, often does, overtake all parts of your body, including your main organs. Hence, once you commit to the treatment, you will experience increased pain associated in all sorts of infected organs and this can be incredibly painful. Seek your GP's advice and make him aware of your commencement of Lyme treatment and that you may need support medical support - e.g. pain killers or even A&E visit.
  • Discharge-like substance from ears - a great sign of your lymphatic system working hard trying to remove dead bacteria from your nervous system.
  • Tremoring - the Borelli bacteria have a tendency to behave like the nerve glia cells in the brain, as it is harder for the immune system to reach them there. This is a natural reaction of the nervous system when the microbes start to die off.
  • Temporary increase in severity of existing symptoms - the microbes affected by the treatment will alarm your immune system in the process of dying off, hence your immune system should kick-in with support. This process prompts a temporary increase in the volume of your symptoms. Such a process can sometimes be lengthy and, if you imagine the current state of both your mind and body, multiply it by two or three times and it should give you a good picture of what you should expect during your treatment.
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts - be mindful that the person undergoing the treatment will be more prone to those mind games of Lyme Disease. Lyme is unique in how acutely it can affect one emotionally or psychologically. Those assisting with recovery (family and friends) should be more vigilant and very supportive to the person suffering from Lyme. The good news is that these emotions are all artificial and, when the bacteria load decreases, these effects start to go away and eventually disappear.

The Significant Herx points during your treatment are normally 4-5, 8-9, 16-17, 20-21 weeks and so on. This is because, unlike most microbes who live on average for several hours, the Borellia life cycle is approximately 4 weeks. It may vary, depending on your gender.

We strongly advise to seek medical assistance in form of prescription medications reducing the effect of Herxheimer reaction. Patients must be closely monitored for the potential complications (shock or collapse) and may require proper medical attention in form of IV fluids or other.



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Did you know?

VEGA-TEST and Volla Methods have been successfully used in conventional medicine in Russia, Germany and other countries for decades.

ELISA test - the blood test for detection of Lyme Disease is probably as accurate as 30-40% (in our opinion and other internet sources). The truth is - nobody really knows how accurate this test really is.

Majority of GPs and neurologist think that if your ELISA test results come negative you do not have Lyme Disease. Hence you have to be labelled with another medical condition.

To have your ELISA test commissioned by your GP you need to remember to be bitten by a tick - NHS Guidelines. The problem is - majority of Lyme patients do not remember being bitten by a tick. Another half of those who remember will never go on to developing the rash or a bulls eye confirming infection with Lyme Disease.

If you are a host to a parasite your chances of full recovery from Lyme Disease are highly diminished. In order to increase your chances of recovery the start of the treatment for Lyme Disease must therefore begin from "deactivation" of your hidden friend. The reason - toxins released by parasites are so overwhelming for your body making your immune system already working too hard to cope with the fight against Lyme. The parasite will also work as a host and protector for the pathogens while you may be having a treatment with antibiotics. Once the medication wears out the pathogens are free to start their harvest again turning your body into a wreck.

Majority of human are hosts to some form of a parasite. Possibly more than one. The truth is - the likes of a tapeworm or a fluke will work as a mothership in protecting the pathogen(s) during your antibiotic treatment. Only VEGA-TEST is capable to screen your body for parasites and identify them in a short space of time. Imagine using conventional methods...

There is a growing scientific evidence that Alzheimer Disease could be triggered by various pathogens, in particular: Chlamydia Pneumonia, Herpes Virus and a Spirochete. Yes - the Spirochete is basically Borrelia /Lyme Disease!